Got questions? We have answers.


Q: Why Soccer?

A: Soccer is the world’s sport - the most universally loved game played all over the world. It’s a language, it’s a dialect (see what we did there?). Many soccer people here in the US are generous heroes who care about helping less-fortunate players obtain the resources they need to play. All we do is help make that happen.

Q: Why adventure?

A: Have you ever been unhappy while on an adventure? Neither have we. Adventure leads to happiness. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to bring more happiness to the world. When you give a kid a soccer ball, they go on an adventure through the game: it’s movement, energy, and passion. We grab life through daily adventure and pay it forward by allowing kids all over the world to adventure when they play.

Q: What makes your tees special? $45 for a shirt? Isn’t that expensive?

A: Our tees are made from the best, sustainable fabrics we could get our hands on (TENCEL lyocell, organic cotton, and spandex for performance). It’s designed to give your performance throughout your daily adventures. We also make our tees in the US, ensuring that our tees are made ethically and responsibly by employees that are treated well. On top of all that goes into the product, we give away a soccer ball to a kid in need for every two items sold. In order to keep the lights on and keep our mission moving forward, we charge $45 for our tees. Reasonable, no?

Q: What’s the model?

A: ICYMI - For every two items sold, we give a soccer ball to a kid in need around the world. Together, we’re grabbing life :)

Q: How do you do your giving? How do you ensure that balls are put to good use?

A: We personally go on 2-3 giving trips per year, working closely with soccer non-profits to organize “ball drops” for kids in need. We also work with many soccer organizations that specialize in getting soccer balls to kids in need in developing nations. As we grow, we’ll be working with more partners to grow our giving efforts so that we can positively impact the most kids.

Q: Soccer balls are expensive, how do you make money?

A: You’re right. They’re expensive but necessary. In fact, soccer balls are the only necessary thing you need to play the beautiful game. We can afford to give away a soccer ball for every two items sold by charging what we do for our apparel. Our prices allow us the margin to consistently fund the giving of soccer balls around the world. And yes, our pricing allows our team to continue to do the work that we do.

Q: Wow, I love your brand, how can I help?

A: If you’re like us and believe in this mission, then we hope that you buy some gear and wear it proudly! That’s the most effective way to make a direct impact. On top of that, we’d love for you to spread the word to all of your soccer & adventure-loving friends in person and on social. Tag us on Instagram @universaldialect with a shot of you grabbing life to be featured!