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Whether as pirates sailing the Caribbean, settlers seeking new lands, or cattle herders wandering to greener pastures, humans are hardwired to seek out the unknown. 

For some, however, this adventurous spirit is a means to an end, a way to build a better life. But out of necessity not desire.

Yet for many others, this thrill of adventure is the end goal itself. Exploring new cities, finding new sights, and connecting with unique cultures makes life more exciting and more fun. 

But no matter why you explore and adventure, this lifestyle does one thing to us all: it makes us happier.

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When I am not fulfilling my duties as Universal Dialect’s Adventure Expert, I am scuba diving. It’s an adventure I started while traveling last year, and this year I am slowly working my way up to the professional level. This means learning to teach people who have never taken a breath underwater how to overcome the fear of drowning. 
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In a perfect world, if someone came to you with some truly life-changing advice, you would thank them, shake their hand (maybe hug them), and immediately try out whatever suggestion they’d offered. But we all know this doesn’t happen.

Instead, we are more likely to reject their advice before we consider it, perhaps because of a bad experience or because we harbor a general distrust for others.

This reaction comes from the idea that accepting help from someone else makes us look weak or helpless. “I don’t need that,” we say. “Only I know what’s best for me” is another common line. But if these statements were true, then we’d all be overwhelmingly happy and fulfilled all the time, which we know is not the case.

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To those who believe that soccer is simply a sport - a game that is meant for enjoyment and physical activity - I encourage you to visit Liverpool, England. In this industrial town, you’ll find a group of hardworking people who live and breathe football (soccer). What is it about this game that instills a passion unlike any other? Well, if you’re looking for the answer to this question, look no further than Anfield, Liverpool Football Club’s home stadium.
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