Discovering Your Daily Adventure

By: Nick Costelloe

Chief Adventure Officer - Universal Dialect

There is a popular misconception that adventures are only for adventurers. This is because when most of us hear the word “adventure,” we think of intrepid, fearless people dropping everything in life to climb mountains, fly to remote locations, and jump out of airplanes. We also think of the adventures we take on vacation, which often feel rushed and fleeting. We think of something we’ll do “someday,” or “when we have the time.”

However, we have a different point of view. We believe adventure is never out of reach. Having a demanding 9-5 job, a busy social life, or a hectic family shouldn’t mean denying yourself adventure, and if you take the right approach, you’ll see you’re never more than a few moments away from your next adventure.

soccer adventure

Why More Adventure in Your Day is a Good Thing

Think back to the last time you cut through the mundane and did something exciting on a random day of the week.

Maybe you woke up early to catch a scenic sunrise at your city’s best spot, or you opted to commute to work by cycling, running, or walking instead of driving or taking public transportation. Or perhaps you chose to meet your friends to play in a sports league after work and still wound up making it to happy hour after.

While reflecting on these experiences, think about the emotions that came from breaking the routine. Think about the thrill you had watching the sunrise and knowing you got up to enjoy it. Think about the energy you had once you made it to the office knowing your day began with you exploring your city in a new and unique way. Think about the joy of competing against your friends and then laughing and joking about it afterward. Didn’t these moments make you happy? Of course they did. We call these experiences daily adventures.

Daily Adventures

Daily adventures are unique, seemingly small actions that break your routine and inspire a productive, meaningful, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Truthfully, daily adventures are for those who commit to living life to the fullest and who take every opportunity to make the most out of each day. Daily adventures have an incredible way of promoting a positive mindset, which is scientifically proven to lead to happiness.

So, we can hack ourselves into living happier lives by adding adventure to our daily routine, and in doing this, we not only become more productive, but also our energy levels, creativity, and feelings of self-worth all rise.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to start or end your day with an adventure because either way you’ll experience a sense of achievement each day, and give yourself something to look forward to each morning when the alarm sounds.

Adventure at Universal Dialect

At UD, adventure is in our DNA. We’ve traveled around the world seeking mountains to climb, waves to surf, and pickup games to hop into (futbol, that is.)

During this time traveling, we noticed one simple thing: We can have all these adventures, and more, right here at home, and they are easy to find and incorporate into our daily grind.

Because of this, we now live and breathe daily adventures, even when we’re not traveling. We’ve made it our mission to create daily adventure in the lives of people all over the world.

We do this by giving soccer adventures to underprivileged kids across the globe. The best part is that all we do is give them a soccer ball. When you give a kid a soccer ball, they immediately light up and come together for an adventure that brings them joy. If one ball can bring so much excitement to these kids, imagine what your day could be like if you did one thing that made you smile.

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Add More Adventure to Your Life

Looking for more adventure? Don’t worry. Getting started is easy. We’ve mapped out a week’s worth of killer daily adventures that you can use to get the ball rolling, which you can access here.

Use it to generate some ideas on how to add more adventure to your day, and then let us know what else you come up with along the way; you’ll quickly find that once you add a little adventure to your day, you can’t get enough.

With this guide, adventure is right at your doorstep. Get out and get after it with a positive mindset. Good things will come from it. We promise. Go ahead and grab life!

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